how to get reshuffle in wizard101

In the online multiplayer game “Wizard101,” a reshuffle is a treasure card that allows you to shuffle your deck, which can be especially useful when you run out of cards during a battle. You can obtain reshuffle cards through various methods in the game. Here’s how you can get reshuffle cards in Wizard101:

  1. Level Up:
    • As you progress through the game and gain experience points, you will level up your character. Some levels come with rewards, and reshuffle cards might be one of them. Check your level-up rewards to see if you’ve earned reshuffle cards.
  2. Quest Rewards:
    • Throughout your journey in Wizard101, you will undertake various quests. Some quests offer reshuffle cards as rewards. Pay attention to the quest dialogues and completion rewards to see if you’ll receive reshuffle cards.
  3. Treasure Chests and Exploration:
    • While exploring the game’s world, you may come across treasure chests or hidden items. These can sometimes contain reshuffle cards. Explore thoroughly and keep an eye out for hidden treasures.
  4. Bazaar:
    • Check the Bazaar, a marketplace in Wizard City and other locations, regularly. Reshuffle cards are occasionally available for purchase from vendors. Prices may vary, so be sure to compare offerings from different vendors.
  5. Farming Bosses and Creatures:
    • Engaging in battles with bosses and creatures throughout the game can yield various treasure cards as drops, including reshuffle cards. Consider farming specific creatures or bosses that are known to drop treasure cards.
  6. Card Crafting:
    • You can use the Card Crafting feature to create reshuffle cards if you have the necessary reagents. Collect reagents by defeating creatures and completing quests, and then use the Card Crafting interface to craft reshuffle cards.
  7. Friendship Tournaments:
    • Participate in Friendship Tournaments, an in-game PvP (Player vs. Player) feature. Winning these tournaments can earn you various rewards, including reshuffle cards.
  8. Trade with Other Players:
    • Wizard101 has a trading system, allowing you to trade treasure cards with other players. If you have duplicate reshuffle cards or other treasure cards, you can trade with friends or fellow players who may have what you need.
  9. Events and Promotions:
    • Keep an eye on special in-game events and promotions. Sometimes, the game developers offer reshuffle cards as event rewards or promotions.
  10. Hatching Pets:
    • Occasionally, pets can offer rewards or items, including treasure cards, when you hatch them. Hatch pets with other players or use your existing pets to see if you can obtain reshuffle cards.

Remember that reshuffle cards are valuable in battles, so it’s a good idea to have some in your deck to avoid running out of cards during critical moments. Explore the game world, complete quests, and engage in various activities to increase your chances of obtaining reshuffle cards in Wizard101.

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