how to get scoria ore

Scoria Ore is a resource in the video game “Valheim,” used for crafting various items, including tools and weapons. To obtain Scoria Ore in Valheim, follow these steps:

  1. Reach the Ashlands Biome:
    • Scoria Ore is found in the Ashlands biome, which is one of the later biomes in the game. To access the Ashlands, you must defeat the fifth Forsaken boss, Yagluth. Once defeated, you’ll receive the Yagluth’s Thing and unlock the ability to craft a Yagluth Sacrificial Altar.
  2. Build a Yagluth Sacrificial Altar:
    • Use the Yagluth’s Thing you received to build a Yagluth Sacrificial Altar. This altar is essential for summoning Yagluth, the boss of the Ashlands biome.
  3. Summon and Defeat Yagluth:
    • Place Yagluth’s Thing on the Yagluth Sacrificial Altar to summon the boss. Defeat Yagluth in combat. It’s recommended to have suitable gear, weapons, and a group of players to take on this challenging boss.
  4. Harvest Scoria Ore:
    • Once you’ve defeated Yagluth, Scoria Ore nodes will spawn in the Ashlands biome. These nodes are usually reddish or brownish in color and emit smoke or steam. Use a pickaxe or a suitable mining tool to mine the Scoria Ore from these nodes.
  5. Smelt Scoria Ore:
    • Scoria Ore cannot be used directly in crafting. You must smelt it into usable materials called Scoria Bars. To do this, return to your base and use a Smelter, which is a crafting station that can be built using Surtling Cores. Smelt the Scoria Ore into Scoria Bars at the Smelter.
  6. Craft Items with Scoria Bars:
    • With Scoria Bars in your inventory, you can craft various items at crafting stations, such as the Blast Furnace and Forge. Some examples of items that require Scoria Bars include weapons, armor, and tools.
  7. Explore the Ashlands for Resources:
    • While in the Ashlands biome, take the opportunity to explore and gather other resources unique to the biome, such as Surtling Cores, Yagluth’s Tears, and more.

Remember that the Ashlands biome is one of the most challenging areas in Valheim, so make sure your character is adequately prepared with powerful gear and supplies before venturing into it. Additionally, working with a group of players can make defeating Yagluth and gathering resources in the Ashlands easier and safer.

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