how to get sharpen blade w101

In the game Wizard101, “Sharpen Blade” is a useful spell that can increase the damage output of your wizard and help you in battles. To get the “Sharpen Blade” spell, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Level Up:
    • First, you need to level up your character by gaining experience points (XP) through completing quests, defeating monsters, and exploring the Wizard City and other worlds in the game. “Sharpen Blade” becomes available to learn as you progress through the game and reach higher levels.
  2. Visit Your Class Trainer:
    • To learn new spells in Wizard101, you typically visit your class trainer. Each school of magic has its own trainer who can teach you spells related to that school. “Sharpen Blade” is a spell associated with the Death School.
  3. Meet Level Requirement:
    • Make sure that your wizard has reached the required level to learn “Sharpen Blade.” Typically, you can learn this spell when your character reaches around level 22, but the exact level requirement may change as the game is updated.
  4. Gather Training Points:
    • To learn “Sharpen Blade,” you will need to spend Training Points (TP). Training Points are earned as your wizard levels up and can also be obtained through special quests or as rewards for progressing through the game.
  5. Visit the Death School:
    • Go to the Death School, which is located in Nightside, Wizard City. The Death School teacher, Dalia Falmea, will be able to teach you “Sharpen Blade.”
  6. Learn “Sharpen Blade”:
    • Speak to Dalia Falmea and browse her available spells. If you meet the level requirement and have enough Training Points, you should see “Sharpen Blade” as one of the spells you can learn. Spend the required Training Points to acquire the spell.
  7. Add “Sharpen Blade” to Your Deck:
    • After learning “Sharpen Blade,” open your spellbook and add it to your deck. This will allow you to use the spell during battles.
  8. Use “Sharpen Blade” in Battles:
    • In battles, you can use “Sharpen Blade” to increase the damage of your next attack spell. Cast it on yourself or a teammate before using a damaging spell for maximum effect.

Remember that “Sharpen Blade” is a utility spell that enhances your damage output, so use it strategically to make the most of your attacks in Wizard101 battles.

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