how to get sovereign keys rok

In the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms (RoK), Sovereign Keys are used to summon powerful commanders or legendary sculptures. Earning Sovereign Keys can be done through various in-game activities. Here’s how to obtain Sovereign Keys in RoK:

  1. Complete Daily Objectives:
    • Log in daily and complete the game’s objectives to earn Sovereign Keys as rewards. Make sure to check the “Daily Objectives” tab and complete the tasks listed there.
  2. Participate in Events:
    • RoK frequently holds in-game events that offer Sovereign Keys as rewards. Participate in these events, complete the event objectives, and claim your rewards.
  3. Complete Campaign Stages:
    • Progress through the campaign and complete stages to earn Sovereign Keys. These keys are often rewarded upon reaching specific milestones in the campaign.
  4. Collect Daily Sign-In Rewards:
    • Ensure you log in daily to collect your sign-in rewards. Sovereign Keys are sometimes included in these rewards as you accumulate days of consecutive logins.
  5. Complete Alliance Donations:
    • Join an alliance and actively contribute resources or technology to your alliance’s development. Alliance rewards often include Sovereign Keys.
  6. Participate in Alliance Events:
    • Engage in alliance-related events and activities, as some of them offer Sovereign Keys as prizes.
  7. Complete Special Quests:
    • Keep an eye on special quests or missions that provide Sovereign Keys as rewards. These quests may be time-limited or tied to specific events.
  8. Purchase Packs:
    • Occasionally, the in-game store offers packs for purchase that include Sovereign Keys as part of the bundle. Consider buying these packs if you’re willing to spend real money on the game.
  9. Use Items and Boosts:
    • Some in-game items, boosts, or bonuses may grant additional Sovereign Keys when activated. Check your inventory for any such items.
  10. VIP Rewards:
    • As you increase your VIP level by making in-game purchases, you may receive Sovereign Keys as part of your VIP rewards.
  11. Complete Events and Objectives in the Lost Kingdom:
    • The Lost Kingdom is a special area in RoK where you can participate in various events and battles. Completing objectives in this realm may yield Sovereign Keys.

Remember that RoK often introduces new events and opportunities to earn Sovereign Keys, so it’s essential to stay active in the game, check for updates, and take advantage of limited-time events and offers to maximize your rewards.

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