how to get sphalerite in astroneer

In the game Astroneer, Sphalerite is a resource used to create Zinc, which, in turn, is used for crafting various items and modules. To obtain Sphalerite in Astroneer, follow these steps:

  1. Equip a Terrain Tool:
    • Ensure you have a Terrain Tool equipped. You start the game with one, and it’s essential for gathering resources.
  2. Locate a Suitable Planet:
    • Sphalerite can be found on various planets in Astroneer. While all planets have some resources, some may have more Sphalerite deposits than others. Planets like Vesania and Novus are known for having abundant Zinc deposits.
  3. Explore the Surface:
    • Once you’ve landed on the planet, explore its surface by walking or using your vehicle (if you have one). Keep an eye out for small spherical or ellipsoidal clusters of orange or red crystals. These clusters are Sphalerite deposits.
  4. Use the Terrain Tool:
    • When you find a Sphalerite deposit, use your Terrain Tool to dig and extract the resource. To do this:
      • Press the appropriate key or button to activate the Terrain Tool.
      • Point it at the Sphalerite deposit.
      • Hold the button/key to extract the Sphalerite. You’ll see it collect in your backpack.
  5. Store the Sphalerite:
    • Sphalerite will be stored in your backpack once you collect it. Make sure you have enough space in your backpack to carry the resource.
  6. Return to Your Base:
    • After collecting Sphalerite, return to your base or vehicle (if you have one) to store the resource or use it for crafting.
  7. Smelt Sphalerite into Zinc:
    • To make use of Sphalerite, you need to smelt it into Zinc using a Smelting Furnace. Place Sphalerite in the furnace, and it will convert into Zinc, which you can use for crafting.
  8. Craft Items:
    • Use the Zinc you’ve obtained to craft items and modules at your base’s various crafting stations, such as the Small Printer, Medium Printer, and Large Printer.
  9. Repeat as Needed:
    • As you progress in Astroneer and require more Zinc for crafting or other purposes, continue exploring planets and gathering Sphalerite.

Keep in mind that Astroneer’s gameplay and resources are subject to updates and changes, so it’s a good idea to check the latest patch notes or in-game information for any adjustments to resource availability or gathering methods.

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